Aqua-etiam Water purification solutions

Aqua-etiam Water purification solutions is an innovative and patented system that give you a tasty and healthy water, with its essential minerals.

Aqua-etiam water purification solutions give you access to the world of water purifiers by means of a sophisticated and elegant water filtration method involving only two stages.

The aqua-etiam water purification systems are a innovative technology, this new technology uses a patented membrane system that provides fresh water filtration at a level between nano-filtration and reverse osmosis. Its simplicity ensures minimal maintenance requirements, and a minimal footprint, making it eminently suitable for domestic and small business use.

Our filtration units will remove unwanted substances from any local fresh water supply, to provide clean drinking water with an excellent taste. Depending on the model selected 50 to 150 litres per hour can be produced.

For larger applications and installations Aqua-etiam has the NRO 1500 series available. The 1500 series is based on the same two stage filtration method as the 50-150 series. Each 1500 series unit produces 1.500 litres per hour and, due to its modular design, the combination of several 1500 units makes it possible to increase the capacity to whatever volume required. These ultimate industrial water purification solutions can no longer be fitted under the kitchen sink as the 1500 series, but are executed with a sturdy stand-alone frame for indoor installations, or built into a dedicated container unit for exposed locations.

A unrivaled and patented purification nanofiltration membrane system.

Great tasting water – Retaining its essential minerals – Nano membrane technology

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