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Aqua-etiam is an initiative of the Dutch Stokvis group to provide safe and reliable water for private homes and small communities or industries on a worldwide basis.

In many parts of the world safe and reliable drinking water is not an everyday commodity leading to lack of domestic comfort and potential health risks.

The “standard” solution in many cases is the use of bottled water from external sources, leading to undesirable environmental and economic side effects, not to mention the inconvenience that is inherent to bottled water.

Water and the plastic bottles and containers it is sold in, is a serious contribution to plastic waste both on land and at sea, and mineral oil consumption both during production and transport.

Most amazing element is that in many cases all these resources and effort are put to provide something to the end users that is literally already under their feet, and can be turned into a safe and reliable source of drinking water with very little effort.

The advanced Aqua-etiam purification systems employ a patented membrane technique that provides a purification level that is midway between nano filtration and reverse osmosis.

Thanks to this technology safe and tasteful water can be produced from multiple sources. The system can be connected to the water mains, but also is capable of using stored rainwater, water from a borehole or well, or water supplied from external sources.

The basic system for use in private homes has a very modest footprint, and will literally fit under the kitchen sink, but can be extended with storage and additional treatment facilities to provided safe and reliable comfort in and around the house almost irrespective of the water quality locally available and the volumes required.

An embedded control system regulates the filtration process and keeps track of filter effectivity and ensures, by means of back flush operations, a prolonged maintenance and filter replacement intervals.

Also the controller signals the need for maintenance operations be it by means of the display on the filtration unit or by distance monitoring over the internet to inform your office, or your Aqua-etiam dealership.

For village communities or larger installations in for example hotels, hospitals, holiday resorts or certain industrial applications (much) larger versions of the domestic unit are available that, using the same operating principle, are able to meet the water volumes required in these applications with a system capacities up to 60.000 litres an hour.

The industrial version of the purification system is housed in a sturdy galvanized frame for in- building installation, or a dedicated container unit for stand-alone use.

Dimensioning and material choice of the components is in keeping with the sturdy and professional use the units are intended for, and through the modular system the system can be fine-tuned to the water sources available and the desired quality and volume.

Both the domestic and professional versions show high levels of elimination of unwanted or damaging substances such as; bacteria and pesticides, bitrates, herbicides, phosphates and heavy metals.

For agricultural applications such a greenhouses, crop irrigation or livestock projects, dedicated systems can be built that take the required water quality and volumes in consideration and are able to provide an ecologically and economically sound basis for the development of rural communities.

Both the domestic and professional systems require electrical power to be operated, but the same versatility that is shown acquiring the water to feed the system, is displayed in the choice of the power supply.

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