The pre-filtration is step one of the water purification process.
It allows us to take on any kind of water pollution and ensures the longevity
of the membranes.
Every system has one pre-filter (5 micron) included, according to your water
quality it can be customized.
Additional pre-filters can be installed, customized according to your water quality.


Using Nano Reverse Osmosis (NRO) allows you to purify your water from unwanted substances
while keeping essential minerals inside.
Based on the molecular weight of minerals and conductivity control of the permeated water
the system regulates the needed pressure to reach the wanted quality.
Therefor the system is limited to 6 ppt of salts.


The pre-filtration is designed to be maintained on a monthly basis in the worst case.
According to your water quality the right elements and micron sizes will be chosen in order
to keep costs and efforts to a minimum.
The membrane has a lifetime between 18 and 24 month and will be replaced by your local partner.
The control system is designed to monitor the replacement intervals and will inform you in time,
in any case the system will shut down before damage can occur if replacements have been missed.

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