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Water Quality Water price Pollution Carbon Footprint

Water Quality

The quality of drinking water around the world varies according to the location and treatment method.
In Europe, even tap water may contain pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, traces of drugs, etc. that can spread diseases .

Our filtration and purification solutions remove the harmful substances found in tap water, wells, rivers, etc. while retaining the precious minerals in the water.

When you drink it, the clean, filtered and purified Aqua-etiam water absorbs and then removes waste products in your body.
Aqua-etiam water hydrates you, while supplying you with the minerals you need.

Water Price

Tap water is 300 times cheaper than bottled water sold in stores.

The cost of a bottle of water is made up 20% by the cost of the water and 80% by the cost of transporting and packaging it, which pollutes our planet.

All of our Aqua-etiam filtration and purification solutions also protect your bathroom fittings and household appliances, leading to long-term savings.

Aqua-etiam filtration and purification solutions pay for themselves in 3 years at most (including filters and maintenance).


Look at the images on this Google link.
It’s up to you to judge for yourself, Aqua-etiam will make no comment.

Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint of bottled water, exported around the world, is particularly large.

Transporting them uses a lot of energy.
(1.5 million barrels of oil per year are used to produce the plastic bottles used by Americans).

Recycling also produces greenhouse gases
(production, transport, incineration, etc.).

San Francisco, a major U.S. city, is setting an example and saying “NO” to water in plastic bottles.

Water Quality Water price Pollution Carbon Footprint

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